Class 1 Classroom

Mrs Harland and Mrs Hall teach in Year 1 and have been a perfect team for the past eight years. They work together to help ease the children into Key Stage 1, having lots of fun while doing so! Mrs Harland is very artistic and enjoys creative subjects, whilst Mrs Hall enjoys Maths and ICT. Both teachers love to read stories to the children.



Mrs Harland and Mrs Hall have something in common in their home life – boys! Mrs Harland has three boys and Mrs Hall has two. Looking after them keeps them both busy when they are not teaching in school. Mrs Harland enjoys Pilates and going away in her caravan and Mrs Hall enjoys baking and going on family bike rides and holidays.



In Year 1, they are also supported by Miss Dicken. She is also known as Gym Jo in school due to teaching the children gymnastics for many years.