Governors Statement of Behaviour Principles

Responsibility of governing body for discipline


The governing body of a relevant school must ensure that policies designed to promote good behaviour and discipline on the part of its pupils are pursued at the school.


In particular, the governing body—

(a)must make, and from time to time review, a written statement of general principles to which the head teacher is to have regard in determining any measures under section 89(1), and

(b)where they consider it desirable that any particular measures should be so determined by the head teacher or that he/she should have regard to any particular matters—

(i)shall notify him/her of those measures or matters, and

(ii)may give him/her such guidance as they consider appropriate.

(3)Before making or revising the statement required by subsection (2)(a) the governing body must consult (in such manner as appears to them to be appropriate)—

(a)the head teacher,

(b)such other persons who work at the school (whether or not for payment) as it appears to the governing body to be appropriate to consult,

(c)parents of registered pupils at the school, and

(d)registered pupils at the school.

(4)In exercising their functions under subsection (2) the governing body must have regard to any guidance given from time to time—

(a)in relation to England, by the Secretary of State.



  • To create a calm atmosphere through good organisation and the reinforcement of positive qualities within the class and school.
  • To develop within each child a sensitivity to the needs of others through mutual respect, self discipline and social awareness.
  • To establish a clear and consistent Code of Conduct for all children and adults within the school which is known about and understood by all.
  • To develop a feeling of responsibility for the school, the local and the wider environment.
  • To encourage the involvement of both home and school in the implementation of this policy.