Ofsted Inspection


Tuesday, 1st March 2022

Dear Parents,

I have pleasure in enclosing our Ofsted Report from the 12th and 13th January which we received yesterday afternoon. We are delighted that our judgement remains good despite the considerable challenges of the past few years and the raising of expectations demanded by schools today.


I would like to thank those parents who completed the on-line parent survey and their supportive comments, as well as those who spoke so positively in the playground with the inspector. We have a successful school because of the teamwork between staff, parents and children who all work together for the good of each child who attends our school.


I would also like to thank our staff who continually strive to provide the best possible opportunities for our children. Their hard work and commitment to our school shines through in the report.


The inspector was particularly impressed with our children whom she spoke with throughout the two days. They were enthusiastic and told her at length about their studies and all that we undertake at school. Their behaviour and positive attitude to learning were also clearly evident. The children continue to be a credit to yourselves and our school.


The report is extremely positive and commends the school’s welcoming atmosphere, the happiness and safety felt by our children, as well as their enjoyment of learning. The report also notes the priority given to care for our children and our high expectations of behaviour and learning for all children across our school.


There are two areas which we need to further develop: continuing our work on curriculum development through identification of end goals and subject specific vocabulary and for some foundation subjects reviewing of the systems of assessment. These are areas we have already identified in our School Improvement Plan 2021-2022 as actions for the Spring and Summer Terms so we are confident they will be swiftly accomplished.


Should you wish to discuss any part of the report please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely,

Julie Cornelius                                   

Head Teacher