RE Subject Overview

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At William Cassidi, we believe that the principal aim of R.E. is to enable our pupils to hold balanced and informed conversations about religion and belief.  Our curriculum is designed to equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills to fulfil this principal aim. Our curriculum ensures that pupils understand the fundamental importance of faith to believers’ lives both now and in the past, and how religion has played a role in shaping cultural life.  Our pupils learn about the religious texts and beliefs that underpin religious faith.  They consider the impact of belief upon people of faith and are encouraged to make connections between their own and others’ attitudes and beliefs.  We encourage our children to be curious about religion, to ask questions, suggest answers and offer their own opinions. Through R.E.  we develop the following attitudes in our pupils: curiosity and wonder, a sense of fairness, respect for others, self-understanding, open mindedness and a willingness to examine ideas.

Early Years


 In Nursery and Reception, our curriculum is based on the EYFS framework document and 'Development Matters’. It is taught through topics, which are adapted and developed to suit children’s interests. For Nursery children, we have identified key skills in each area for us to focus on, whilst in Reception we have identified skills to teach and develop during each half-term to progress towards meeting the Early Learning Goals.

RE aligns most closely with the EYFS area of:

Understanding the World