We are excited to announce that we are now a Success for All Partner School, a testament to our commitment to academic excellence and pupil success. Through this partnership, we have implemented effective strategies to improve early reading skills, ensuring that every child has a strong foundation for future achievements on our journey towards creating a community of lifelong learners!

If you would like to contact the Leader of this subject/area please do not hesitate to contact school on 01740 630270 or email williamcassidi@sbcschools.org.uk.

English: Reading


Subject intent:

Reading and the understanding of what has been read is a skill which impacts upon an individuals’ whole life and enables each person to thrive in their daily lives and chosen career. The acquisition of a fluent reading style and the ability to understand what has been read has a direct influence across the whole curriculum and, we believe, are key to unlocking the ability to discover, create, be imaginative, and gain knowledge and information. By listening to, reading and sharing a wide variety of texts (fiction, non-fiction, plays, poetry) we aim to nurture a lifelong love of reading and enjoyment of literature.  At William Cassidi we begin with the development of strong phonic knowledge, decoding and early reading skills progressing through discussion to build up comprehension skills, increasing vocabulary and grammar, to pupils who by the end of Key Stage Two are confident, fluent readers who are ready for the challenges of Secondary Education.

Our Nursery children follow the FFT First Steps to Phonics scheme. In Reception and Year One, children follow the FFT Success for All Phonics scheme and in Year 2 we follow FFT Routes to Reading and Spelling with the Jungle Club. Our KS2 children read a range of text types and cover skills matched closely to their needs and to the KS2 Programme of Study for English.

Early Years: In Nursery and Reception, our curriculum is based on the EYFS framework document and 'Development Matters’. It is taught through topics, which are adapted and developed to suit children’s interests. For Nursery children, we have identified key skills in each area for us to focus on, whilst in Reception we have identified skills to teach and develop during each half-term to progress towards meeting the Early Learning Goals.

English aligns most closely with the EYFS areas of:

Communication and Language



In Reception, phonics is taught through the FFT Success For All Phonics scheme. Nursery children follow the First Steps to Phonics scheme.