Reception Classroom

Reception Classroom

Welcome to our Reception class. From building models to learning letters to doing ‘Dough Disco’, there are always exciting things happening in Reception!

Mrs. Howell teaches in Reception on Monday, Thursday Friday and she is also our Early Years Lead. She loves teaching all of the areas of the Early Years curriculum, but particularly enjoys sharing stories and helping the children to explore all of the exciting resources in our outdoor area, whatever the weather!

Mrs. Harland also teaches in Reception on Tuesday and Wednesday. She is very creative and especially enjoys the artistic side of Early Years. Mrs. Harland leads History in our school.

Our curriculum is based on the EYFS Framework and Development Matters. It is topic-based, and each half-term the children are taught skills which build on what they already know and which help them to work towards the Early Learning Goals. Topics are changed and adapted to suit children’s needs and interests. There is an overview of our topics for 2022/ 2023 below. We also follow some schemes of work: ‘Success for All Phonics’, ‘Maths: No Problem!’ as well as ‘Jigsaw’ for music, ‘Charanga’ for music and ‘Dough Disco’ and ‘Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle’ to develop gross and fine motor skills.


Our classroom is a busy and exciting place! The children spend time each day working with an adult in a whole class, group or 1:1 context. They also access continuous and enhanced provision, both indoors and outdoors. The areas in the Reception classroom include construction, writing, dough, workshop, role-play, water, maths and small world. We also have places in our classroom for children to leave their work to come back to, as well as displays to celebrate the children’s hard work!


Our rainbow is also very popular! The children love earning ‘jumps’ up the rainbow as a reward for being kind or working hard. We also celebrate positive behaviours by awarding ‘Stars of the Week’ and a ‘Golden Person’ who takes home our class mascot, Buddy, for the weekend.