School Bus

Children who attend our school and live in the outlying villages are entitled to free school transport provided by Stockton Borough Council.  Parents may make an application for their children to use this service. An escort is available on each bus to take care of the children and to bring them into school safely.
Ths is done through Stockton Borough Council directly.

Route Scheduling Timetable

Community Transport Service

01642 527117


Route Name:              WIL101           49 seats                      Pass colour: Green


Name of School:                William Cassidi CE Primary School

Address:                               Morrison Street


                                                  TS21 1JD

Tel:                                          01740 630270


Start & Finish date:           8th September 2020 to Friday 19th July 2021


School Times:                   Commences: 8.55am                         Finishes: 3.15pm



Passenger assistant:        Lynn Arron              (Pick up Bishopsgath School) 



NOTE: Operators are asked to note that Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council reserves the right to reasonably vary the route or

add additional children to the route at any time within the period of the contract without additional costs being incurred. Under

normal circumstances no increase in the rate per day for the work will be considered.


Pickup Time                Pickup Location



08:00                            Bloomfield Drive, Rose Vale

08:06                            The Wynd, Wellington Drive

08:06                            Wellington Drive, Davison Close

08:17                            The Stables, Woodside

08:32                            Vane Arms, Thorpe Thewles    

08:38                            Letch Lane, Carlton

08:40                            Smiths Arms, Carlton Village    

08:42                            Green Leas, Carlton Village

08:44                            Redmarshall 

08:48                            Whitton Village, Honey Pot Close

08:50                            William Cassidi CE Primary School



15:20                             William Cassidi CE Primary School

15:22                             Whitton Village, Honey Pot Close

15:26                             Redmarshall 

15:28                             Green Leas, Carlton Village

15:30                             Smiths Arms, Carlton Village

15:32                             Letch Lane, Carlton Village

15:38                             Vane Arms, Thorpe Thewles   

15:43                             The Wynd, Wellington Drive

15:52                             Bloomfield Drive, Rose Vale

15:56                             Wellington Drive, Davison Close

16.02                             The Stables, Woodside


Please note that all pupils allocated a seat on this route have been issued with a pass that should be shown to the driver on every journey. Drivers must be consistent in examining passes.


Any pupils travelling without a pass should be reported to Community Transport.


Drivers must adhere to pick up/drop off times and not leave the stop before the designated time.



M & D Travel                                                               

7 Ralph Square          

Grange Park

Stockton on Tees

TS19 0SW

Tel: 01642 658194