2020-2021 Catch-up Funding

Catch Up Funding 2020- 2021


A new government initiative has been devised in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. All schools will receive additional funding to enable children to be supported to reactivate their learning. Each school will receive approximately £80 per pupil. William Cassidi anticipate receiving approximately £13,600, this funding will be placed in school budgets in three phases: Autumn Term 2020: £3,400; Spring Term 2021: £4,530 and Summer Term 2021: £5,670. The Summer 2021 funding will be classified as funding in the financial year (2021-2022).

In line with guidelines provided, funds will be allocated to facilitate the re-activation of education and access to the curriculum, provision of additional support within teaching and learning activities including additional group and individual support and interventions, as well as additional resources to support learning. We also aim to support the physical and mental well-being of our children. Our aim is to re-activate learning, support well-being and narrow the attainment gap between pupils and their peers. Provision is not determined by the receipt of additional funding, but to meet the needs of pupils.

Desired Outcomes:

·         reactivate phonics and early reading skills in Key Stage One pupils (Years 1 and 2) through additional support and targeted sessions during SFA and at other times including the purchase of additional reading materials which can be taken home and isolated after use to enable pupils to meet end of Year 1 phonics and reading expectations by July 2021 and Year 2 pupils to meet National Expectations in Summer 2021 and be ready for the rigours of the Key Stage two curriculum

  •          provision of additional early reading and phonics materials for Reception pupils to enable additional reading materials to be taken home and isolated after use in order for children to meet Summer 2021 end of EYFS expectations
  •          reactivation of mathematical skills in Key Stage One and Two pupils (through additional support and targeted mathematics lessons and the purchase of additional resources which can be allocated to class ‘bubbles’ and isolated after use to enable pupils to meet appropriate age related expectations
  •          provision of additional physical activities within the curriculum to enhance movement and develop stamina and co-ordination (identified gap upon re-opening of school) which offers experiences to pupils which encourage movement in EYFS and KS1
  •          provision of additional P.E. resources which can be utilised by ‘bubbles’ in lessons and during playtimes
  •          reactivation of learning across all subjects following school closure through the provision of additional resources which can be allocated to individual pupils within class ‘bubbles’ enabling all pupils to have equal access to resources
  •          ensuring the emotional and physical effects of the pandemic are appropriately catered for to enable learning to occur
  •          provision of IT resources to support learning at school and develop the capacity of the school to deliver remote learning for all pupils in event of a further ‘bubble’, partial or whole school closure


Planned Expenditure:

As a result of the anticipated additional grant we will allocate funding according to the above Desired Outcomes organised in three areas:

  •          Human Resources
  •          Physical Resources
  •          Physical and Mental Health

Expenditure will be analysed following the following criteria:

  •          Aims
  •          Implementation
  •          Impact

How children will be identified as requiring catch-up support?

  •          Some provision will be provided for whole cohorts based on the impact of lockdown which may be a result in the reduction in children’s opportunities to be physically active or the emotional effects on relationships and isolation.
  •          SFA provision will enable individual pupils needs to be targeted within small group support during lessons provided by additional staff. SFA assessment tools will be utilised by teachers to make professional judgements. In addition, those who do not make rapid progress will be assessed through The Lightning Squad IT programme and additional support will be provided in the Summer 2 half term.
  •          Mathematical assessments will be on-going as each theme is reactivated and additional support will be provided as required by additional staff employed utilising the catch-up funding.

Following the closure of all schools between January and March 2021 the school reviewed the needs of pupils on re-opening of the school.  The outlined Desired Outcomes and Planned Expenditure remain the same.

This analysis will be reported to the Curriculum and Premises, Finance and Staffing Committees of the Governing Body.

J. Cornelius