You must upload the completed work daily or at least once a week.


School staff continue to work extremely hard to provide remote learning for your child on a daily basis.  Our commitment to your child’s education is our top priority and we continue to offer you our support. We appreciate that the closure of school is difficult for everyone and has placed many of you in difficult positions trying to juggle working from home and home learning (especially as some of you have older children who require time specific use of devices). We have listened to what works for you to develop our system which allows parents to plan their week and use resources at a time convenient to you.


We recognise that the children lost a great deal of priceless learning time in 2020, which was why we re-opened school for all children in June and everyone has worked hard to enable our children to ‘catch up’ from September to December. However, we cannot afford for the children’s learning to decline now.  All our staff at school are doing everything we can to support this as well as trying to keep all members of our school family safe.


Teachers are ensuring that the curriculum provided is broad and balanced, ensuring that all subjects are taught each week and they are placing increasing amounts of interactive teaching videos online, as well as utilising imaginative resources to engage our children. We feel that the present system is working extremely well and enables the inclusion of all our children taking into account the device access available for our families. We understand that things can be difficult at the moment and that trying to make sure that your child/ren do the work set by their teachers can be both trying and frustrating. We appreciate the support you are giving to try and give your child/ren every opportunity to continue their learning journey, as well as giving them a focus and purpose each day.


To ensure your child is regularly accessing the planned work and to give any help needed the teachers need to see the work your child is doing. Teachers need to ensure that the work set is at an appropriate level and continues to ‘move the children on’ in their learning. To ensure this you must upload the completed work daily or at least once a week this will enable the teacher to review your child/ren’s learning.  You can upload via eSchools or send a picture of the work/activity via a message on eSchools. If you are not sure how to do this there are instructions on the class page or you can message Mrs Bell.


We know that these times are extremely difficult but we would like to reassure you we are here to help. If you have any difficulty at all please contact us via eSchools or at school

Take care and best wishes.

School Lunch information:
At present school lunches are packed lunches because of the current situation.
Should you wish to know what your standing balance is please contact Kayleigh Kidd on 01642 527271.
You are able to either pay by cash or by card over the phone.  Current advise is for cards to be used as far as possible due to Covid 19.  To pay by card please contact the office on 01642 527271.
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