New Information

Stillington Kids Club at Stillington Village Hall
04th October 2021
Re-Opening Announcement
We are thrilled to announce that Ofsted were really happy with our After School setting at the Village Hall in Stillington. We are awaiting our registration documents from Ofsted which we have been promised will arrive this week. We therefore have a tentative opening date of Monday 11th October. We will spend the first few weeks familiarising the children with the new setting and new routines, but have a busy and fun filled November and December schedule. We hope to see you all very soon.
05th October 2021
Registration Forms Registration forms
have been made available to all classes at William Cassidi - do ask for a copy if you have not received one. Simply complete and return to the secure black post box at the Village Hall and we will get back to you to confirm your child has a place. At the front of the form is a questionnaire to determine what care you require – AM, PM or BOTH. Please complete this section.
At present the Breakfast Club has very little interest so we will not be running this at this time. However, if you do require Breakfast Club, please indicate this and return your form anyway as we will monitor this and perhaps reconsider, if demand increases.