Nursery Classroom

26th March, 2020

Dear Parents/Carers and Nursery Children,


I hope that this letter continues to find you all safe and well. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Monday, 8th March. All children may attend Nursery unless they have been instructed to self-isolate or you have received a letter which states they should shield (school requires a copy of this letter to comply with government regulations). Schools have been instructed to continue with previous safety arrangements including reducing contact, maintaining ‘bubbles’ and promoting good hygiene. Please look at our updated Risk Assessment document on our website which gives specific details of the measures our school continues to take.


The following arrangements will continue:

  • Nursery will re-open in their area from Monday 8th March.
  • Session times will be: 8:45am until 11:45am  and/or 12:15pm – 3:15pm each day.
  • Children should wear a school polo shirt and jumper/cardigan, any bottoms and footwear suitable for PE.
  • Children should bring a full water bottle with them, a packed lunch from home (if they stay for lunch), any medication they require (inhalers/epi-pen) and a cap/sun hat or other weather dependent items.
  • Sunscreen should be applied at home prior to attending school.
  • Good timekeeping is essential to prevent parents and children arriving and leaving in large numbers.
  • One adult should accompany a child to school and that adult should wear a face mask whilst they are on school property (playground/yard).


On arrival:

  • Children should line up outside the blue fence on the chalk markings for social distancing.
  • Parents should inform staff of any illness or symptoms of illness (asthma/hay fever etc.).
  • A member of staff will take every child’s temperature prior to entry, if it is raised the individual will not be able to attend school.


During the day:

  • Children will practise fire emergency evacuations maintaining social distancing.
  • They will work at their work area and not move around their class.
  • Should a child need to use the toilet the children will use the Nursery toilets one at a time as directed by the teacher.
  • Nursery will use the Nursery outside area and a barrier will be placed between the Nursery and Reception outside areas to prevent mixing.


Collection from school:

  • Parents should continue to maintain social distancing whilst waiting in the playground.
  • Children will take all personal items home each day.
  • Children will be released one at a time when their parents are seen.






Remote Education:

From the 8th March children will not be provided with remote education as they are expected to attend Nursery. Should your child be self-isolating or be clinically vulnerable you will be provided with remote learning (online and/or photocopied packs) from the day after school has been informed of their status. Home learning and spellings etc. will continue to be provided via your child’s class Eschools page.


Please continue to take care, stay safe and be kind. Thank you again for your continued support and co-operation at this most difficult time and please remember we are here to help.


Yours sincerely,

                                    Julie Cornelius


Head Teacher


Nursery Classroom

Welcome to our Nursery class. Here, we learn about the community through role-play, and the world through art and the exploration of real materials. We touch on many topics in Nursery such as the use of technology, animals in their environments and the seasons. Every day is a learning day in Nursery.


Miss Connor is the class teacher in Nursery. She takes the children’s interests and develop them into fun and exciting activities to help the children learn from and move forward towards their goals. Miss Connor is the music lead within school and loves to play a range of music in the classroom, sing songs and explore the sounds of instruments with Nursery. She is also an avid Disney fan and very creative, and enjoys getting out different materials for the children to create art with.


Mrs Wright is our Teaching assistant in Nursery. She too, is a big Disney fan and is fantastic at helping the children in Nursery learn a range of skills. Mrs Wright is very creative, finding new ways to display the children’s work, planning engaging activities and setting up imaginative role-play to support the children’s learning.


Mrs Howell teaches in our Nursery on a Wednesday afternoon. She is the PSHE lead in school and runs the school council. Mrs Howell is excellent at delivering the R.E sessions in Nursery where she encourages the children to think about how they can be a good friend, talk about people who are special to them and learn about celebrations, such as the Harvest Festival.

30 hours childcare – applications for Spring 2022 take up


As with previous terms, we are encouraging parents who want to take up a 30 hours place in the Spring term to apply now – and no later than the end of December to help ensure they get their code in good time. 


Parents must have applied to HMRC before 31st December 2021 and secured an eligible code (dated 31st December 2021 or earlier) to access a 30 hour place in the Spring 2022 term. 


Please ensure all codes have been checked through the EY Provider Portal before offering a 30 hour place and adding the child to your headcount.  Please check your expiration dashboard on a regular basis so you can advise parents when their codes need reconfirming.