25 September Newsletter

25th September 2020

Newsletter 2: Friday, 25th September 2020

It has been wonderful to welcome everyone back to school this September. Whilst we realise that things are very different we have been amazed how well and quickly the children have adapted, and been ready and eager to learn. Everyone is working hard to ensure all are kept safe and ensure activities are continuing to take place. Following the release of new guidance and discussions with TVMS new Risk Assessments regarding music and tuition have been added to our website. The additional measures taken have been implemented which has enabled music and singing to take place for Nursery, Reception, Year 4 and Year 5, in addition Year 3 have begun their recorder lessons and individual tuition has re-commenced. It has been wonderful to hear the school filled with music and happy voices.  Starting next week we have also arranged additional story and movement sessions for Nursery and Reception which will take place outside to aid both their gross and fine motor skills and co-ordination.


School Photographs:

Following discussions with Tempest we have arranged individual photographs to be taken of the children on Tuesday, 29th September. Each class ‘bubble’ will move to the hall, children will stand and individual photos will be taken. There will be no contact between the photographer and the children and social distancing will be maintained throughout. No class ‘bubbles’ will be in the hall or near each other at any time. No younger children or family groupings will be taken. Should you not wish your child to be photographed please inform your child’s class teacher in writing by the end of Monday, 28th September.



Eschools is a vital communication tool for us and as a result staff will continue to place as much information and home learning on this portal as the school year progresses. Eschools use was invaluable during our closure in March which enabled every child to access home learning and maintain a relationship with their teacher. In the future should there be a partial or whole school closure or local or national lockdown we will already have the mechanism in place to continue educating our children.


Messaging Teachers:

This facility within eschools is useful for us all however, if a message is important and requires immediate action please telephone the school office as teachers are unable to monitor their messages during the day whilst teaching. We would not want changes in arrangements to be missed. I have also asked staff to remember their work-life balance and to take ‘down time’ so they may not immediately respond to any queries.


Home Learning:

Home learning supports a child’s learning enabling them to practise new skills, reconnect with prior knowledge or to prepare them for coming lessons. This will be placed on eschools and should be accessed by your child using their own login. PDFs and word files are utilised to enable everyone to access the work provided. Completed activities should be submitted and teachers will respond to acknowledge the work undertaken and respond with short comments if required. If you are unable to access home learning please inform your child’s class teacher as soon as possible.The following organisation will take place for each year group:



A topic web will be placed on eschools by the first Friday of each half-term. There will be a number of activities each linked to an Early Learning Goal. One activity should be selected each week and the completed activity uploaded. Miss. Hill will mark these and make a suitable comment. Other activities and links to activities can be found on the home page of eschools which you may enjoy doing with your child. In addition, 4 letters will be sent home to practise, these letters will be added to as the weeks progress along with reading booklets which will enable more practise of these letters. A small book bag may be brought to school to enable the children’s art work and writing to be taken home. There is currently no space or storage for backpacks or larger bags.


Years 1 and 2:

Home learning will be set once a week to be completed during that week as suits you as a family. Children will have spellings which should be practised for a test each Friday. English and maths activities will also be set including, where appropriate online My Maths activities. In addition, each half -term topic challenges will be set. These will include a variety of activities which may be selected (one per week) by your child’s interest, completed and evidence sent back to the teacher in the form of photographs etc. Each classes eschools home page will also have additional activities including songs and rhymes and links to other useful sites. Teachers will mark and message back comments about the work completed. Occasionally worksheets may also be sent home.


Reading: SFA books should be brought to school every day in the packet provided. Reading books are exchanged on a Tuesdays in year One and on Monday and Thursdays in Year 2. Children should bring their reading records with them on those days. All books brought into school will be isolated for 72 hours before being returned to circulation


Book Bags: A small book bag may be utilised by years One and Two. There is no room for backpacks or larger bags as they are kept in the children’s drawer or under their desk. Larger bags may cause a tripping hazard and currently there is no mixed storage.


Years 3, 4 and 5:

Home learning will be set once per week, children should refer to some specific work which should not be attempted prior to a specific date (enabling preparation and teaching in class). Typically work should be organised in the following routine: Mondays: spellings and a SPAG mat; Wednesdays: maths including My Maths and Times Tables Rock Stars; and Fridays: topic. A half-termly topic web will be linked to other curriculum areas and children may choose one activity per week to complete and upload. Reading Records should be completed in Years 3 and 5 with Year 4 completing a Reading Blog which they have already been introduced to. Books may be changed at school as suits the children but returned books will be retained separately for at least 72 hours prior to their return into circulation.


Year 6

Home learning will continue to be set three times a week: English on Monday, maths on Wednesday and a mixture of both on a Friday including a ‘My Mini Maths’ activity. Each piece has two days to be completed and a reminder of this schedule will always be provided on the eschools page. Homework must be submitted and this will be acknowledged. Children are encouraged to comment on the page if they are finding some aspects difficult or may be asked to respond to specific questions in this way. In addition to this, spellings will also be posted on a Monday and may often include other activities to support the spelling rule being taught that week. Children will be tested on these on a Friday. Further materials may also be provided including power points and videos to support learning but are designed to consolidate or revise work undertaken in class and are not a homework activity that requires completion and submission.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your child’s call teacher.

Mrs. Cornelius