TikTok alert

1st September 2020

You may be aware of a current video circulating on Tik Tok regarding a male committing suicide with a firearm. This is a significant concern that young people may access this material which is extremely disturbing and demonstrates the risk of apps and material accessible online to children and young people.  


As always following national guidance the networks advice is to provide support in general terms rather than referencing specific content with young people as this often has the effect of amplifying the event or content.


We have provided a PDF for those with caring/parental responsibilities information on the Tiktok app courtesy on National Online Safety, it is important that parents/guardians make themselves familiar with all social media apps and settings in which to help safeguard their young people from the risks which are present online. You can learn about a variety of apps and other online safety issues at www.nationalonlinesafety.com


National campaigns on a range of online safeguarding issues can be accessed via www.thinkuknow.co.uk /professionals