New Sports Grant

Physical Education and the School Sports Grant 2020-2021

Since September 2013 the government have allocated funding to each primary school in England with the aim of strengthening  P.E. and sport provision. The funding is allocated as a lump sum of per school plus funding per pupil from Years 1 to 6 at the time of the January census. William Cassidi has been allocated £7,296 in the financial year 2020-21. We will also utilise funds carried forwards from 2019 – 2020 to supplement our planned activities.

All schools must allocate funding to cover three areas:

  •        Physical education
  •        Healthy active lifestyles
  •        Competitive school sport and festivals

Schools have restrictions on the allocation of funds and can not use it for additional existing provision such as our swimming provision for Years 3 which must be funded from our existing budget. It is utilised to provide swimming lessons for Years 4, 5 and 6 to ensure the children meet national expectations in the swimming curriculum.

William Cassidi is allocating the funding:

  •        To increase the quality of teaching and broaden opportunities for children through the employment of specialist sports teachers to teach children and train teachers for example gymnastics, tennis, rugby and football, so raising the quality of lessons and enabling children to develop a wide range of skills (approximately 25% of the allocation).
  •        To encourage healthy lifestyles in our children through the undertaking of training across a wide variety of areas and possible dangers including: playground leaders, cycling training, heart start, smoking, drugs, personal health and safety. The budget has also been utilised to install playground markings to encourage physical activity during play and lunch times and before and after school (approximately 25% of the allocation).
  •        To increase the opportunities for children to take part in competitive sports and festivals through becoming a gold member of the Stockton School Sports partnership which enables all year groups to access a wide variety of competitions and events including: tag rugby, football, athletics, hockey, gymnastics, netball, cricket, swimming, tennis, cross country and orienteering. The grant will also be used to support the cost of transport to and from events which have in the past been supported by parent voluntary donations (approximately 50% of the allocation).
  •        To increase the number and variety of sporting after school clubs (guided by pupil questionnaires) in the aim of introducing pupils to activities which they may continue in their lives through the direction of pupils to local facilities and clubs for pleasure and competition. These have included football and street dance activities.




As a direct result of the funding we have increased the opportunities for our children to access new sports, delivered higher quality P.E. to the children, increased competitive sporting opportunities (and attained greater success) and greater links with other schools as well as greater awareness by the children of how to keep themselves fit, healthy and safe. We are sure the initiative has also contributed to the children’s overall achievement and personal character skills (fairness, tolerance, equality, acceptance, perseverance) across social, spiritual, moral and cultural aspects of their lives.

It should be noted that many sporting festivals and activities have been paused during to COVID19 pandemic. Each activity will be risk assessed prior to them taking place to assess risks to our children and adults. P.E. will be taking place outdoors during the Autumn Term utilising limited equipment that can be sanitised or kept in isolation with a class ‘bubble’ until the conclusion of that aspect of P.E. Swimming is currently suspended as are lunch and afterschool clubs which will be resumed when deemed safe to do so.

16th September 2020