Parent Schdule for 2021-2022

William Cassidi C. E. Aided Primary School

 Schedule 2021 – 2022

During the current COVID-19 pandemic all the dates and events are subject to change depending on the current situation, guidance and potential local and national lockdowns. These dates are intended to give an indication of events we would like to hold they can be carried out in a safe manner for children, staff and parents/carers.


Autumn Term 2021:

6th September                                      School opens for pupils

8th September                                      International Literacy Day

7th- 16th September                             Year 6 – Crucial Crew (virtual event) TBC

13th September                                    Roald Dahl Day: Please refer to individual class eschools for

details for your child

14th September                                    National Coding week starts

15th – 17th September                         Year 6 Robinwood residential

20th September                                    Recycling Week begins

21st September                                    International Day of Peace

22nd September                                   National Fitness Day – Sports Day (weather permitting) PM

24rd September                                   Year 5 family worship                      2:45pm in the school hall

24th September                                    MacMillan Coffee Afternoon       2:00pm in the school playground

27th September                                    International European Day of Languages

1st October                                            Big Draw Festival

1st October                                            Individual and family photographs

4th October onwards                           Black History Month

5th October                                           World Teachers Day

7th October                                           National Poetry Day

7th October                                           Harvest Worship     2:30pm at St. John’s Church (donations to St.

John’s Church food bank)

10th October                                         World Mental Health Day

11th October                                         European Code Week

14th October                                         Year 3 family worship                      2:45pm in the school hall

21st October                                         Year 1 family worship                      2:45pm in the school hall

22nd October                                        Break up for half term at 3:15pm


                                                                Half Term

1st November                                        School opens at 8:55am

1st – 5th November                               Science Week

4th November                                       Science Museum from 2:00pm in the school hall, all welcome

4th November                                       Outdoor Classroom Day

11th November                                     Remembrance Day (silence at 11:00am)

11th November                                     Year 4 family worship                      2:45pm in the school hall

12th November                                     Short reports to parents with details of telephone or zoom

appointment booking

15th November                                     Road safety and Anti-Bullying Week

15th and 16th November                    Parent/Teacher Consultations

18th November                                     Reception family worship               2:45pm in the school hall     

19th November                                     Children in Need – ‘Together We Can’ event – dress in spots!

2nd December                                       Christingle Service at St. John’s Church at 2:30pm, all welcome

3rd December                                       Friends of the School - Christmas Fair 1:30pm in the hall

6th December                                       Nursery and Reception Nativity   2:00pm in the hall

7th December                                       KS1 Christmas Production          9:30am and 1:45pm in the hall

8th December                                       KS1 Christmas Production          1:45pm in the hall

9th December                                       KS2 Christmas Production          9:30am and 1:45pm in the hall

10th December                                     KS2 Christmas Production          9:30am and 1:45pm in the hall

10th December                                     Christmas Jumper Day: come in your favourite Christmas jumper

13th December                                     St. James’. Thorpe Thewles Carol Concert (AM) TBC

13th December                                     Christmas Party – Foundation Stage

14th December                                     Christmas Party – Years 1 (AM) and Year 2 (PM)

15th December                                     Christmas Party – Years 3 (AM) and Year 4 (PM)

16th December                                     Christmas Party – Years 6 (AM)  and Year 5 (PM)

17th December                                     Carol Concert       9:30am St. John’s Church

                                                                All are welcome to join us at this occasion prepared by the children

17th December                                     Break up for Christmas at 3:15pm




Spring Term 2022


5th January                                             School opens at 8:55am

WB 10th and 17th January                   Year 5 swimming each afternoon

11th January                                          M&M Productions ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’

20th January                                          Family Worship – Year 3

WB 24th and 31st January                    Year 3 swimming each afternoon

2nd February                                         Year 1 vision and hearing (NHS)

3rd February                                          Family Worship – Year 1

17th February                                        Family Worship – Year 2

18th February                                        School closes at 3:15pm


                                                                Half Term


28th February                                        School opens at 8:55am

2nd February                                         Year 1 vision and hearing (NHS)

3rd March                                               World Book Day (dressing-up and activities to follow)

3rd March                                               Family Worship – Reception

11th March                                            Short reports to parents

14th March                                            Parent/Teacher Consultations

15th March                                            Parent/Teacher Consultations

21st – 25th March                                  United Kingdom Week

24th March                                            British Museum

30th March                                            Year 5 ‘Bikeability’ level 1

31st March                                             Family Worship – Year 4

6th April                                                  Tempest Class Photographs

7th April                                                  Easter Service led by Year 5 at St. John’s Church

7th April                                                  School closes at 3;15 for the Easter break

We will also hopefully be holding a service at St. Cuthbert’s, Redmarshall during the 4th-6th April.




Summer Term 2022


25th April                                               School opens at 8:55am

25th April – 6th May                              Year 3 swimming each afternoon

2nd May                                                  School closed May Day

WB 9th May                                           Year 6 National Assessments (SATS)

9th – 20th May                                       Year 4 swimming each afternoon

WB 23rd May                                         Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Week

23rd May                                M&M Productions ‘Oliver Twist’ and KS2 workshop

25th May                                Year 6 ‘Bikeability’ level 1

26th May                                Afternoon tea party and Spring Festival

27th May                                School closes for half term at 3:15pm


                                                                Half Term


6th June                                                  School opens at 8:55am

13th June                                                Parent, children and staff questionnaires

27th June                                                Return date for questionnaires

WB 27th June                                        Fun and Fitness Week

30th June                                                Sports Day

WB 4th July                                            Year 6 ‘Bikeability’ level 2

6th July                                                    M&M Productions ‘Jungle Book’

14th July                                                 Reports to parents

15th July                                                 Leavers Sale

19th July                                                 Visits to new classes

20th July                                                 Year 6 Leavers Worship

20th July                                                 School closes for the Summer break at 3:15pm


                                                                Summer holidays