Vision Statement/Ethos

 William Cassidi Cof E Primary School
Vision Statement and School Motto

Jesus taught his disciples many important lessons. He taught them about God, about what He had come to do and about themselves. He also taught them how they should treat each other.

 Matthew 5 v.41

‘And if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.’

 Jesus taught that we should choose to go further than is required of us in our actions and attitudes. Jesus guided us by example, the way he lived and by putting others before himself. He never moaned when He did not get any peace or turned anyone away who needed his help. He encouraged his disciples to do the same.


We too can follow Jesus’ example by ‘Going the Second Mile’ and showing ‘love, care and respect’ to everyone, to all things God created and our world, just as Jesus did.

Our vision will be embedded through the exploration of Bible passages each school year ensuring our children begin to develop a relationship with Jesus, are guided and understand His messages and how they are the core of how we act every day of our lives.

 Our Governing Body and Staff – July 2020